Electrical Installations Around The Home

It’s amazing when you think about how much we rely on electricity around the home.  Household electrics and electrical installations are not the kinds of things you should tackle on your own though.  Apart from rewiring a plug (and then only if you are sure you know how to do it) you should leave everything up to the experts.

Luckily many electricity providers can supply services in this area that you can take full advantage of.  Regardless of which company you are currently with for your electricity supply you should find you can get other services from them as well, such as maintenance and repair.

Here are just a few of the options and companies you can choose from.


This company breaks things down into different areas when it comes to electrical installations.  They have separate areas for heating, wiring and even showers.

When it comes to wiring and installations the service covers all the different components of an electrical system.  If you opt for a check you will have every part of your existing system checked, and you can then have anything replaced that needs replacing.

British Gas

They provide a complete cover system that focuses on making sure all necessary repairs are undertaken at the right time for you.  Home electrical cover means you are covered for parts and labour and you also get unlimited call outs.

There are two different ways you can use the service; one is with an excess and the other is without.


This company provides a couple of services that can be added on to other care packages to get the cover you want. 

Electrical cover can be added to central heating cover if you wish, and you can also have water cover too if you want the whole thing.  E.ON actually provides the electrical services in conjunction with another company; full details can be found on their website.

There are plenty of other companies who provide services that will cover both new electrical installations and repairs to existing ones around the home as well.  The trick is to shop around to see what price you will pay each month for the service you want.

Remember too that regular inspections can be included with many of these services, so make sure you read the small print on each one.  This should tell you what to expect with regard to each company.

Some people think it is a waste of money to make a small regular payment each month for the peace of mind of knowing you can call someone out immediately.  Why not just find a normal electrician under these circumstances?

This could be done but there is no doubt that knowing you are covered for both parts and labour is a big relief.  This is particularly true should you ever find yourself in need of urgent assistance with your electrics.