You are planning to give your home a complete makeover. However, your budget seems to be a bit tight and therefore you decide to wait for another year to pass. By this time, your house is in a complete mess. So, how then do you renovate your entire home without spending too much. Mentioned below are a few interior ideas that go easy on your pocket.

One spot at a time

Focus on working on only a single spot at a time. For instance if you have started working on your living room, get it done first and then move on to your kitchen or your bedroom. This is because you would not want every room in your house to look the same. Also, if you try working on every space at the same time, you probably may end up messing up with your entire plan.

Select the right paint

This is where you need to be very careful. Always select a paint that is pleasing to the eye. Do not go for too flashy colors unless you are a member of a rock metal band. Shades of cream and yellow may be best suited for your bedrooms and your drawing rooms.

Limited Furniture

You would probably want your hall to look very spacious. So, make sure you do not stuff it with all kinds of furniture. Just a couple of chairs and a sofa is all that is needed. And of course, if needed, you can mount up an LCD TV on one of the walls, just as an entertainment source for the visitors.


If you are a woman, you definitely cannot afford to miss out on this one. Many believe that kitchens needs to be painted dark, so that they do not look dirty. Well, this probably applies only for the lazy ones. Your kitchen won't look messy, if you do not create the mess. The equation is simple, isn't it? White is an ideal color for you kitchen. The color makes your kitchen look spacious. Once the paint job is done, its time to bring home some brand new kitchen appliances.

It is almost impossible to deal with all of this on your own unless you are a professional interior designer yourself. So, you need to look for someone who can get the job done for you. Try locating a good interior designer online. Compare a few and finally choose the one based on his/her work experience. Apart from designing home interiors, some designers also design point of sale terminals for malls and supermarkets. They are professionals and therefore may charge a bit high, but their service is the best.