There is a lot of emphasis placed on style at the moment – not just in terms of the clothes we wear, but also in terms of our decorating and furnishing, the cars we buy and much more. Humans as a whole are becoming more style-conscious, and this has translated into the way our offices are decorated.

It has been proven that a stylishly designed office will increase the productivity and work-rates of the people working in it. However, many offices do not make the most of the space they have to work with, preferring to stick with the same old layouts they've had for years and never making an effort to change in any way. When even the smallest changes can make a significant difference to the amount of work that gets done (because employees actually want to come to work in the morning), it doesn't make sense not to try and change the workplace for the better, even if you can't afford to do that much to it.

In terms of the general style that you might want to go for, it really depends on the kind of business you're running. Television shows like Mad Men have harked back to the trends and fashions of the Sixties, and designers today often attempt to marry that sort of style with today's more modern interiors. However, this style wouldn't work for every kind of office – it would look overdone and tacky if it was done in, say, an accountant's office. Different styles suit different offices, and the hiring of a company that specialises in refurbishing workplaces and offices of all kinds will mean that you have an experienced and knowledgeable team working with you to turn your office into the best that it can be.

One of the elements of an office that works in any situation and should never be overlooked, regardless of the style of the office as a whole, is the executive office chair London. Big, a neutral black, leather-bound (or not if you don't agree with that kind of thing) and wheeled, it's a symbol of power and status, and no self-respecting person with their own office should be without one – they can be found at a wide variety of furniture retailers across the country and vary in price depending on their size and materials.