How Safety Services Can Make Your Home A
Safer Place To Be

We all think we are safe in our own homes.  But this isn’t always the case.  There are often situations where incidents occur that could have been prevented – or at the very least, we could have been warned about them.

As such it definitely pays to introduce as many safety features into the home as possible.  Every single one represents another way to keep you and your family safe from harm.

If you don’t have the following items in your home you should add them as soon as possible.

Smoke alarm

Smoke alarms are incredibly cheap to buy and they really can save lives.  It’s natural to be scared of fire, but in most cases the fire is not what claims lives.  Instead it is the smoke, and if you happen to be in bed asleep when a fire takes hold, you can end up not even having a chance of waking up.

Installing at least one smoke alarm in your home will give you the early warning you need to evacuate the house should you experience a fire.

Burglar alarm

A burglar alarm can act as a deterrent, stopping a burglary from actually happening in the first place.  If you install a proper burglar alarm system throughout your home you can alarm the lower floor when you go to bed upstairs each night.

This way, if anyone tries to break in during the night they will be scared off by the alarm – and you will be instantly alerted.

Carbon monoxide detector

How much do you know about carbon monoxide?  Do you know that it can easily kill because it cannot be detected by humans?

If this gas is leaking into your home – perhaps from a faulty boiler for example – you won’t be able to taste it or smell it.  You can’t see it either, so it would be very easy to breathe it in over time.

Carbon monoxide detectors can save lives, and as with smoke alarms they are incredibly cheap.  You can install it yourself within minutes.

And the most obvious addition of all

What are we referring to here?  Common sense – and this can be something that also saves lots of lives.

Try to reduce the potentially harmful activities and actions that go on inside your home every day.  For instance, don’t leave flammable items in the kitchen, regardless of whether you are cooking or not.  Even a tea towel or newspaper left close to the gas burner on the cooker could be all it takes to start a fire.

Take a fresh look at your home and ask yourself how safe it is.  Having a fire extinguisher or fire blanket in the kitchen – exactly where you are most likely to need them – gives you peace of mind and a way to tackle a small fire.  What other measures can you think of?